The Best Outdoor Games for Adults

outdoor games

Outdoor games have always been the ideal way to spend time and get used to the tone of adventure. It has been a primary source of fun and excitement for many as they go about making the most of the activity. But things won’t always head in the right direction as confusion comes into the picture when it comes to picking the right game from the mix. The long list of options for outdoor games is not something that we need to ignore, and choosing the best from the lot is a must. So to help you out, here are the best outdoor games for adults.

Flashlight Tag

If you have ever played hide and seek, then flashlight tag won’t be hard, and you will surely love the game. As the name suggests, the one who comes in search of others needs to do so by using a flashlight, and the moment they get close, they need to call out their names. Players who are found should take a drink, and once all players have been found, the next round will begin as the first player goes in to count.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Using a beach towel to toss the balloon into the air while the opposing team needs to come forward to catch it is the basic rule of water balloon volleyball. In case the balloon is tossed in a manner that it breaks, the team that tossed it will have to drink it. Due to that, water balloon volleyball is quite interesting, and trying it out will help you enter an innovative game and get used to a classic experience.

Water Balloon Volleyball


Beersbee is a simple game that involves balancing beer bottles on two poles as teams take turns to throw frisbee as a move to knock the bottles off the opponent’s pole. If the team knocks the bottle down without hitting the pole, they are awarded 2 points, and if the team knocks the bottle down by hitting the pole, they are awarded a single point. But if you don’t hit the bottle or the pole, you will have to take a drink and wait for your turn to try it again.

Ghost in the Graveyard

To play Ghost in the Graveyard, you need to choose a player to be a ghost and then move ahead to take a drink. The other players will have to cover their eyes and count while the Ghost hides. Soon after counting, all the players will have to go in search of the Ghost, and the moment they spot the player, they will have to shout, “Ghost in the Graveyard.” After spotting the Ghost, everyone will run back to home base as the Ghost begins to run as a move to tag them.

The Best Outdoor Games for Adults

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